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A game for which we started slowly going 1-0 down but gave us the kick in the stomach we needed!!

Brilliant possession based football finding controlled attacks in many areas of the pitch. So happy well done lads!

Brilliant finishes from a penalty from Jamie Jennings (Harry Kane style!)

Rhys Barnes latching onto a lovely through ball then chipping the keeper calming to put us infront. Finished off by a top class free kick from Christian after initially hitting the post from the first one.

A big well done to all the 13s who played and held there own! So proud of you all, hope you guys enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.

Man of the match shout outs

– Nick some great saves in goal!

– Joe Barlow, brilliant energy up and down the pitch fighting for every ball and linking play.

– Rhys Barnes, constantly threatening in behind causing the backline issues!

Well done all 🔵⚪️😮‍💨⚽️


CCC 3-2 Bolton Lads 14’s

Goal scorers
Jamie Jennings ⚽️
Christian Stevenson ⚽️
Rhys Barnes ⚽️

Switching play ✅
One / two touches in first two thirds ✅
Rotation in forward areas ✅

To consider for next time
Counter pressing for both half’s
Recognition when to drop / squeeze the lines between units.